Auto Generate Content – Good for Nothing Except Money

These days, I’ve invited and join a blogger community that the members are from the same high-school almamater. They discuss so.., many things about blogging and how to get an extra money from it (sounds familiar). I’m not hypocrite person type, I need money and I do blogging for money (but not all the time). One topic that got my attention is about Auto Generate Content for a WordPress based blog, for further information about AGC, you can refer to this search result

Straight to the point, there are some reason why I’m not so convinient to use an AGC blog:

1. AGC don’t gain you anything related to your blogging skill, sure you don’t need to do nothing and many people will visit your blog

2. Googling lead you to a long click-journey, no matter what, AGC will only “redisplay” the search engine result that maybe doesn’t match your keyword at all. They will just click-click-click till they realize that they only turning around in an endless AGC links.

3. The blogging essence is now grayed, if there are more blogger thinking AGC is the best way to be rich by blogging, I will just stop my blogging things and pray that this is just a dream.

Sorry for my bad English and maybe some sarkasm

What’s your opinion? Leave a comment πŸ™‚


4 thoughts on “Auto Generate Content – Good for Nothing Except Money


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