Tragic Story of Indonesian Website Development

Website Development has changing and advancing to an incredibly higher level. A website nowadays isn’t just a regular web page and contain much more content type. As the website development changing everyday, there are some phenomenon in Indonesia related to website development. The website development evolving to a bad phase. It’s like that the consumer or website user don’t appreciate a website development in a good way. A website development be regarded as a trivial job and does not require secific skills.

Plus some absurd news, talkshow and entertainment that did not do further study on these issues makes people’s prespective about Website Development become more and more trivial. There is the news that I mean:

1. A junior high school making a Facebook-like Website

In fact, he use some kind of nulled script from jcow and remove it’s credits and contributor list. Now, I think the website has been developed by some company to keep the traffic, ugh!

Some other kind of news also bother me and making the Indonesian Website Development even worse. That’s why our programmer here in Indonesia having difficulty in developing knowledge because of that matter above. I hope everything will be better this year.


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